5 Things my parents have warned me about

If you started chasing what you want to do in life you’ll never stop doing it unless your parents told you to do so. I am lucky my parents have never warned me to stop! They insisted me to keep going.

1. Never get tired of waking up before sunrise.

     Only you can find the best day time when you wake up first before everyone does. You will feel the magic in every sunrise. How it sets and turns to an amazing panoramic view that will cover up the day.


2. Book a round-trip ticket.

      Life up high is pretty amazing. You can see clouds dancing but remember to book a round trip flight ticket to always go home after every journey. Home is the best place you can tell your stories. Your friends and colleagues may hear what your experiences are but after five (5) minutes they’ll get bored.




3. Be kind and gentle.

          Observe courtesy in every place you dwell with. Respect everyone as to how you respect your parents. A kind and gentle person treats a waiter same as how he treats his friend.


4. Be in competition not on others but to yourself

    Life is not a race in the field. Who comes first will win first is not always true. You figured out yourself ten years from now successful but that didn’t happen.It is okay you’re not racing to someone else. You’re you. So don’t be in competition because you’ll really lose.


5. Get loss and wonder

        It is perhaps the most used term but my parents told me to do what I love to do. Get lost and wander everywhere is an everyday mantra. You go to a not so typical hitch-hiking, go on tour in a city that you’ve never been before or visit a museum in a nearby town. Just go home after.

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