KALINGA Travel guide: 4 Things you should know when staying in Buscalan Village

It was a great escape and a cut off from civilization that night.  This village in the borders of Mt. Province and Kalinga has nothing to offer but pure bliss and excitement. The two (2) hour walk and ride journey going there was a no easy task. All are worth it! On your way, you can dip in waterfalls and snap a photo in the rice fields. I listed down below four (4) things that you should know when staying in this village.

1. A smiling Apo Whang-Od

Apo Whang – Od is the oldest traditional tattoo artist (mambabatok) as of writing and she belongs to the Bubut Tribe. She rarely smiles but when she does you should not miss taking a photo of her.

2. Free unlimited black coffee

Yes, every household here is generous enough to let you stay in their humble homes (minimal fee applies) with free unlimited black coffee and rice for dinner or in any other meals.


3. 2pm is the latest jeepney heading to Buscalan Village

If you are commuting from Bontoc, Mt. Province you should be at the terminal at least before 2pm to avoid traveling the next day or you have to rent or try hitchhiking going to the village. Well, I want to experience that!

4. Re-discovering nature and oneself

One thing is for sure that you caught up yourself imagining ‘wallpaper like’ image down below. It will always be good to try something and visit new places you have never been in to at least once every quarter. You go and rediscover our nature in this village. Once you get back to the concrete jungle where you will thank yourself that you should have done traveling before this image has been posted.


PACK your bags and go. You should always leave the life you have been and visit Kalinga.

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