I know everyone here is doing everything they can to score a “piso” (peso) fare in our very own domestic airlines. Isn’t? I am just so happy to write now my experiences in terms of booking flight tickets and probably scoring the best deals in town.


So, if airlines announced that “brace yourselves, sale is coming”, that is true sometimes not every time. Many will totally wait for hours and hours just to have the lowest fare possible for your next adventure.

Experienced these beautiful islands for 2780 pesos only, this amount can actually buy material things that I want and I actually don’t need. I decided to explore more than material wealth!
*you can save up for boat transfers if you are more in a group that time we were just 4 (four)

Maybe, I am lucky enough to have been able to book at least one way ticket or round trip tickets in every of my travels. I will separately discuss on my next blog on how and when to book cheap flights.

Day 1
🚌 Tacloban airport to Duptours Van terminal 200/4=50
🚐 Naval Van terminal to Naval, Biliran 100 each (travel time 3-4 hours)
🏍 Naval port to Kawayan town 75 per person
⛈ We were stranded in Kawayan town and the local cost guard didn’t allow us to go to Maripipi Island due to the typhoon Marce.
🏘 The team decided to stay in a resort for the night. 700/4= 175 each with pool and ocean views.

         In the meantime, I’d like to share to you my misfortunes and amazing journey with my friends while traversing the provinces of Leyte and Biliran in their amazing beaches.


Day 2
5 AM
🏍20 pesos each for habal going to Kawayan port
🚣 Boat transfer from kawayan port to Maripipi Island costs 2000/4=500
🌴🍃🐾🐋 island life
Entrance fee in Candol cove resort in Sambawan, Maripipi Island is 100 per pax


          One year before the flight, the group decided to go to the eastern visayas region and yes I actually booked a 350 php airfare and take note that is a round trip ticket to manila-tacloban-manila route. Did I mention that their sandbars in Leyte is just amazing?


🚐 Naval Port -Ormoc town 130 each pax
🚐 Ormoc -Palompon town 100 each pax
🏡 Registration 225 overnight fee
🚣 boat ride 3000/4= 750
🚌 130 palompon -tacloban
Tacloban airport terminal fee 150

        So there, everyone is eyeing for that price. Damn, real! Those beaches are real! For only 350 php, we flew to Tacloban from Manila even though we were warned to may have been in the center of typhoon during our travel period.

         We had that bad news! A typhoon will hit the region but we still continue our journey! That was the best decision we made!

It was the best time on the beach!

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