One way ticket to CEBU

Last July 8, 2016, I traveled to Cebu alone. For some it is dangerous to travel in a land where you know nothing and no one. I booked a one way ticket to Cebu-Mactan International Airport, and damn that was the best decision I made. Off course, like travelers out there I planned my itineraries and to do list. What to eat and where to spend the rest of the night are just the things are the most essential part of my travels. I arrived at the airport at 3pm and directly my tourist guide brought me to attractions in the city.

Here are the things I did during my half day tour in Cebu City.


 Oh, this garden is awesome it has the coolest air that one could have after a stressful months in the concrete jungle. It is located up in the mountains  of Cebu City and I didn’t expect that it has weather like in Baguio City. Plus, I feel like in Amsterdam  and you can admire rolling fields of blooming flowers while learning that this city has a lot to offer.

Busay, Cebu City

2. Tops Lookout on Mt. Busay

Want to see the city in bloom? Go to Top’s Lookout and you can see the whole city in colors. The cold breeze this mountain area offers is simply free from anything that stressed you  in the busy city where you came from.

Cebu Transcentral Hwy, Cebu City, Cebu



She’s maybe the luckiest. Love has moved mountains for this temple to be built. This is actually one of the sweetest act I have seen in my entire life. You build a temple like this? Oh it is just amazing!

Cebu Transcentral Hwy, Cebu City, Cebu

4.Magellan’s Cross

             One can always drop by in the Magellan’s cross to see and experience how is it like to be in the Queen city of the south’s one of many amazing landmarks.

Cebu City, Cebu

5. Fort San Pedro

   Honestly, I don’t drive. Arriving in Fort San Pedro at night is just one good experience. You own the place at least a while. You don’t need to be with so many  tourists.

A. Pigafetta Street, Cebu City


                    After the half-day tour, I was brought to my host and I spent the night in Lapu-lapu City a nearby town. I was welcomed by the sounds of the waves and a friend I met in couchsurfing. That was an awesome night.

                  My trip in Cebu continued as I just hopped in a bus going south. I heard Kawasan Falls is amazing. I decided to stop by in Badian town before heading to Oslob. And yes, I saw and experienced the beautiful falls. No words can describe those moments when I had to just live in the moment.

                     So, I talked to locals and some travelers alike if it is okay to drop here and proceed to oslob after as I want to experience the ‘butanding’ watching. Destiny says, no! I didn’t go to Oslob, instead I spent the night in Kawasan Falls. The best part?


                 I talked to three (3) travelers like me if I could share the room so we could divide the cost of the falls view room in the 2nd level of Kawasan. Surprisingly, they said yes!No hesitations at all. I learned that they are Muslims who came from Lapu-Lapu. That was something I can’t forget in my life. They are really awesome.



                     One lesson I learned is to be kind always. I never thought that I could be with strangers turned friends in one room hearing the waters of the falls while in a good sleep that night. I learned that being able to share and see the goodness in anyone you meet in the road was a life changing experience to me. I am always happy to share the places where I can say proudly say that I went to awesome places like this. These memories that my future self will thank me for.

I urge you to travel! Yours view about the world will expand. Your life will be changed if you see new places at least once a month, on a weekend,  or during times that you can’t figure it out.

*I just booked one way ticket to Cebu, that is why be updated on where to next before going back to Manila (my point of entry)


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