Alright, every millennial here has their own goals to achieve. Some have the possession to creating more memories than buying things that will fade in a year. One will book a one-way ticket to somewhere strange or never heard off destination. While many of you guys are dreaming to go to destinations with your inner wanderlust, I’ll show you some tricks and travel hacks that you know and can’t put on the action. Maybe, you’re just too lazy to be awake on a midnight. Whatever the reasons are I know for sure you still want to book, pack and go.

I have been so in love with seat sales that my relationship with it is true and forever. Many requested me to write about how I score super low and cheap flight tickets that one can’t just get overnight.  I have been traveling to the country using just a small amount of money allotted to my airfares. Well, I am busy and have no time to spend on a bus or any transit that can prolong my agony in traveling to places. To use your time wisely, you can book airfare tickets.

Piso sale is just around the corner make sure to read my simple and tested travel hacks tips since I started traveling last 2013.

1. Plan your trips.

This is the first stage of every travel. Planning is quite crucial because of the many beautiful destinations you have in mind. You have more options and with that, you can’t decide where to go next. For me, you should list down at least 3 destinations.


2. Keep yourself updated on Facebook.

I know everyone here has Facebook and not only that you’re super active in this application. You should use it wisely. Follow airline companies on Facebook and click see first on the button setting for you to be updated every day on what their promos are. Even freebies, promotions, contests and other important information that you’ll need to know in the future.


3. Subscribe using your email

Airline companies always update me on what the ongoing promotions are. They will send you monthly newsletters that you can use as your future reference like travel guides, travel inspiration and a lot more to see and read. Also, they’ll notify every time they have an incoming sale.




4. Be a member of airline loyalty programs

It is always rewarding to have signed up for all most of all the airline rewards and loyalty programs. Not only that you earn points on the money you spend every time you fly but also you’ll get the real deal on the cheapest airfare. Members get priority access 24 hours prior to the sale day.



5. Your dates and locations should be flexible

Admit it, airline companies have their own strategies on how seat sales are properly distributed. Not all locations and dates are always available. Sometimes you have to adjust your schedules and destinations.



6. Gather the important data when you are booking with your friends

To avoid hustle with your bookings it is best to write all the information on a clean sheet of paper like the birth date, name, sometimes passport numbers, and expiry date of your passport. Also, you have to have supportive friends to cheer you up and help you out when in the waiting room.


7. Go solo

 This is one of the things I like the most. When times that you want to wander alone. I just hopped in a plane off course a low priced ticket to a destination where I know nothing about. Everyone is just planning while I am in the processing of booking. That is how fast I am.


8. Book one way, look for the other flight in a different airline

The concept is always going home after every travel. But how about if you just booked one-way airfare ticket? The answer, I have to wait for another seat sale in a different airline. Bookings can wait. Yes, this one is my best technique. I booked a 14 pesos airfare ticket in Airasia to Bohol-Manila but Manila to Bohol costs thousands. The best thing I did was to book it one way and shift to Cebu Pacific and to their website and I found that there was a sale to Manila to Cebu. How about that? I went two destinations in the Visayas region on a 6-day journey. Going to Bohol from Cebu I took the super ferry and travel time was 2 hours.



9. Don’t use add-on buttons unless you really need it

To save up on flights you can choose between adding some baggage, purchasing preferred seats, or buying a travel insurance. Or simply not to add at all. My advice is always to be vigilant on what may happen on your travel but as always planning it ahead of time is the best way to have a smooth travel experience. Don’t bring 20 kg baggage if you have not purchased any baggage with your booking this is a hustle thing to deal with at the airport. Plan ahead.

10. Download Airline Apps

Not all of us can carry a computer with us every time. Just to have mobile apps handy and good internet connection you are good to go with your bookings. These apps help you in making your booking experience easier and hustle free. Plus, they notify you every time as in every day. So far, Traveloka is the best app for me. I’ll discuss that in another write-up.


11. Alarm at 12 mn ‘Piso sale is coming’

This is the part that every traveler is awake at this time. A little sacrifice. Yes, this is the most demanding time everyone needs when booking the cheapest airfare. Almost all of the travelers have prepared the things they need to have with them. So, move like a ninja.


19357871_1479253922098112_477865927_n (1).jpg18.jpg

12. Choose your mode of payment

Airlines today have wide options in terms of payment method. Take advantage of this because you can pay in payment centers, using your visa or debit cards or if in time that you don’t have extra money, always call a friend!


I know you are excited to travel. The thing is don’t always post your information online. This will cause you problems when you get to the airport. You’ll be surprised your booking is canceled by someone else.

Happy travels! Don’t forget to go somewhere awesome.



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