PUERTO PRINCESA CITY, PALAWAN Travel Guide 2018 (Budget + What to do in 3 days)

Puerto Princesa City is a whole new world for me. It is a city where urban life and forest vibe are found. The city is the capital of Palawan, known for its natural wonders, friendly and disciplined people, outstanding cleanliness and the food.

The local tourism board has done its part for maintaining an organized and smooth process for a hustle free trip for everyone.

This article will help you decide to stay and visit this amazing city where endless possibilities and nature at its best are seen.

When I stayed at a local hostel for three (3) nights, I was able to have a chat with some roommates. Asked if they will be having scheduled tours around the city, and surprisingly all of them said NONE. They were just there to catch up a morning flight and others said that they have to catch the earliest van bound to El Nido.

After all, I was not surprised with their answers.

So I have come here to witness what this city has to offer. Without a doubt, my Puerto Princesa trip highlighted the Underground River Tour and Honda Bay Tour which I have booked for only a peso each tour via Klook when they had a sale.


Puerto Princesa Underground River Day Tour

What To Expect

Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

“Named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are few places in the Philippines that are as unforgettable and iconic as the natural wonders that can be found in the Underground River near Puerto Princesa City. A day tour to this breathtaking location will take you through what is now named as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World,” stated in Klook’s website.

We’re on our way to the underground river!
Yes, there is one boatman who’ll paddle your way going to the 1.8 km stretch of the river.

On a 45 minute underground tour, you’ll be given an audio device (available in multiple languages including English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Tagalog) and entertained by an English speaking guide.

I really can’t explain how it feels when we were traversing the river. Goosebumps!





From right, Philippines, Zambia, and Canada. My new found friends Ruth and Tara.



The Underground River tour will start at 8 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m. Expect the volume of people because on this tour alone 1,200 tourists are expected every day.

Our tour guide advised us to take our lunch and walk along the Sabang beach after. And it never failed to amaze me again!

Sabang beach



Chose the mango smoothie, always!
Tara said to be creative when shooting.
My days in Palawan are always like these! 🙂


Sabang beach is a less crowded part of the city. Less tourist and fewer beachgoers.

Overall I enjoyed my Puerto Princesa Underground River Day Tour last February 16, 2018.


  1. Be patient always. As you are not just the only tourist going to this attraction. You are with hundreds of visitors as well so waiting time is almost an hour or more when transferring to a boat going to the Underground River.
  2. Enjoy and stroll around Sabang Beach. 
  3. Listen and pay attention to the tour guide on what he has to stay during and after the tour. Your safety is their main concern.
  4. Leave no trace
  5. They recommend that you wear flip flops or shoes that are easy to take on and off as you may have to step into the water to transfer in and out of the boats
  6. Bring a bag that can be zipped up and leave any food items in the van. You may come across monkeys in the national park and they are always eager for a snack! Avoid bringing plastic bags as the monkeys associate them with food!
  7. Bring along insect repellant and sunscreen, and don’t forget your camera!


When I planned my itinerary, I made sure to include Honda Bay  Tour. This was the time to have experienced seeing mangroves up close as I just watched it on documentaries hosted by Kara David. Three (3) major tours were scheduled that day.

What To Expect

Honda Bay is the place to be when looking for some fun in the sun, sand, and sea in Palawan.

“Get your day started bright and early, and head off to Luli Island. Play along with the long, flag-decorated sandbar and dip your feet in the waves! Head for Cowrie Island for a picnic lunch, some fun watersports and more, from banana boats to kayaks. But the best is saved for lunch at Starfish Island where you might get to see hundreds of starfish just beneath the waves, littering the beach in the tide. This tour will give you the chance to play in the sun all day, go snorkeling and see beautiful underwater gardens! Play watersports, discover underwater wonders, make memories and more,” stated in Klook’s website.


First stop.

Pambato Reef is a place for snorkeling.



Second stop.

LULI  ISLAND Play in the sun, white sands, and blue waters of the bay.


My most favorite part!

Sumptuous lunch!

Last stop.

Cowrie Island. Swim in cool seawater, or snorkel under stunning coral reefs



I recommend bringing your own snorkeling gear, aqua shoes, and bottled water to save money. Gear rentals are way higher on the road.

  • They recommend that you wear flip flops or shoes that are easy to take on and off as you may have to step into the water to transfer in and out of the boats. Which I avoided renting aqua shoes because I have my own sandals but then again the tour guide insisted to rent the gears. Little did i know, that there were gear rentals at the wharf. And it was cheaper.
  • Bring a bag that can be zipped up and leave any food items in the van. You may come across monkeys in the national park and they are always eager for a snack! Avoid bringing plastic bags as the monkeys associate them with food!




Located at 2nd Floor, ARL Building, Brgy. Matahimik, Malvar Street, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines near SM CITY PUERTO PRINCESA
Bed starts at 447.00 peso per night
It was a good deal. Thinking of staying at the city center, Tree house inn is a good location for those who plan to stay for a night or staying for at least three (3) nights. 
Book here.
 Get 20 percent discount. Link below.


credit to the owner of this photo
credit to the owner of this photo


In my last day in Puerto Princesa I opted to stay in an AIRBNB. I just want to take a rest and sleep as I consider it as the best way to end my journey in AMAZING PALAWAN.

I stayed in Mamang’s Homestay near NCCC Mall. The family of Carl accpeted me as part of their family as well. From check in and check out Carl made sure my stay was pleasant and smooth. When I woke up, his mother approached me to have lunch. I must commend her for that good deed!

Here is your chance to use AIRBNB and get 1,600 when you sign up.






Estimated time of Departure from El Nido


11 pm

Strolled around city proper, check in at Tree house inn 847.00 for 3 nights
12 am


Day 2


7 am

Wake up, Breakfast


8 am

Hotel pick up, Honda Bay Tour 1 peso VIA KLOOK
9 am

Estimated time of arrival to the Wharf

10 am Rent gears (aqua shoes and snorkelling gear)


11 am -3pm

Travel to Pambato Reef  



12:30 pm

Lunch and rest in Luli Island  

1:30 pm

Travel to Cowrie Island  
3:00 pm

Travel back to the wharf


5 pm

Back to hostel  

7 pm



10 pm

Sleep and rest



7 am

Wake up, Breakfast


8 am

Hotel pick up, Underground River Tour 1 peso VIA KLOOK
9 am

Travel to Sabang Beach


10:30 am

Freshen up.  
12 pm



01:00 pm

Boat transfer to Puerto Princesa Underground river  

01:45 pm

Start of tour  

02:30 pm

End of tour

03:00 pm

Back to mainland


03:30 pm

Back to the city proper  

05:00 pm

Pasalubong center

05:30 pm

Back to hotel. Freshen up.

08:00 pm





05:40 PM

ETD Puerto Princesa

06:50 ETA Manila

Note: Since I have booked these major tours for only a peso each tour via Klook. I am really a madiskarte type of traveler. You can also do this! 


Philippine Airlines, as my official airline partner, added the excitement in me. I was able to watch the sun to rise while having a morning coffee at 6:30 a.m. And I  think that was the most amazing and worthy to be remembered flight the I took this past three years of flying. Thank you, PAL! #FLYPAL



Photo by poortraveler.net


Thank you to the locals of Palawan for showing me your beautiful islands.

Visit Puerto Princesa City, Palawan,

Nomadic Marky






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