A Journey to my dream destination- Bagan, Myanmar

It was a typical afternoon vibe when I browsed my Facebook feed and I saw a post that Blogapalooza in partnership with Skyscanner is giving away a free round-trip ticket to one’s dream destination.

I am excited to end my day knowing that I am up in something new doing photography works, meeting new people and learn new cultures in a place that I have been daydreaming all throughout my life. From sunrise to sunset, I have to make sure that task given is delivered.

I work typically 40 hours a week, and sometimes those hours spent on field works and a post-production. So to love your job you have to love what you do and do field works.

It wasn’t clear to me back then on what path to pursue, looking back on my college experiences I was not into traveling. This path began when one of my friends and family started and motivated me to be the best version of myself.

All throughout of my professional life I have traveled so many places to gain EXPERIENCES. Traveling has taught me that the more you go out and see the bigger world you will learn a lot of things that you have not learned in a four-walled classroom.

These experiences while dealing with people in my travels have taught me so many things. It brought out larger and wider understanding of the world. It broadens me to chase the most impossible and the most unrealistic dreams to come true. I have also dreamed years ago to have my travel stories be published in the global audience. I am looking forward to this event to happen.

I am the best person to go on this dream vacation in Myanmar for so many valid points that I consider.

First is to be the best version of myself on the road and make a new routine for me. Back home, we are set to have goals –to study and get a degree in the university. Learn from books to books. Read pages but have had not experienced backpacking in unfamiliar places. After graduation, other goals that your parents set for you were to find a decent and a nice job. Later, your goals are to have a family, build a house etc. You forgot to be happy and find true meaning for the work you want to do. This is a trap for most millennial like me. So now, I am permitting myself to live a big life, stepping who I am meant to be and believe that I meant for greater things.

The second valid point, I have the passion and grit to pursue Travel Blogging as my career in the future. As I have entered in this field, I know that with great timing and readiness with the opportunity all the hardships and prayers will be paid off in the future. If I have the passion for the things and work that I do I would be ending up successful on this chosen path.

Third, I came across with the concept of Law of Attraction. When you attract things positively you’ll be ending up in a win-win case. That is what I do every time I want something new and challenging.  I always get what I want because of the positive energy that I have. Even in the most challenging part of the day I always make sure to be attracted to positive vibes and work under pressure.

Also, I have known my priorities growing up. I have dreamed of this to happen. Until one day, I realized that one should not be validated by money or wealth. Or how much money you make. Experiences are more important than material wealth indeed. So one day I woke up to an extraordinary dream, to pursue what I want to do in my life.

It took me more than 2 decades to finally realize what life is all about. Traveling has given me a new perspective on the very essence of living. I used to think that validation comes from your wealth and authority but no.

Cliché as it may sound, but when I die, I want to be recalled for the LIFE I LIVED and not for the money I made. This is what I usually discuss with people I get to share conversations with nowadays.

The opportunity to GIVE is what excites me most about traveling. It gives me boundless and broadest opportunities to share a piece of my life with other people. I guess this is something novel that I could offer with Beautiful Destinations and that is engagement. Engagement to every unique culture, tradition and people across the globe and influence them to redefine their visuals of life. I may not be the best and top travel blogger in the world but I am definitely in the running to be one of the few amateur bloggers with the biggest heart.

Aside from the valid points I presented, I also want to take note that Myanmar is like my country, the Philippines. All of us know that the Philippines has more than 7,107 beautiful islands like Myanmar there will be more than million reasons to go there and visit, relieve, and experience what the country has to offer.

It has been one of my bucket lists to go to Bagan. I have been imagining myself waking up so early to catch and watch the sunrise while hot air balloons suddenly appear higher at the back of the beautiful temples. This imagination, alone, is surreal and unbelievable.

What if I am really experiencing it real life?

This is my favorite part of the story.

Dozens of temples are renowned for its other-worldly silhouettes. A beautiful backdrop that is relatable to the very essence of my life.

Presently, I live in the countryside in the Northern part of the Philippines, two mountains are in the center of a beautiful and a smiling land of beauty called CAGAYAN.

I moved to seek for greener pasture and escape to the monotonous concrete-jungle life in the metropolis. I know I am leaving the dream of serving the community and most particularly the farmers in this island. Every day, new challenges are in store for me but at the end of the day, all of this is none of what I have experienced before.

I am the person who struggled with all aspects of my life. If I have not pursued and fought for the education I would not have been this far. I can say that today life has been easier, goals are achievable, and dreams are about to come true.

I tell stories because I know that these stories are needed in nation building, in community development and personal growth. I travel because lessons are always on the road; pieces of advice are in the people who fought for their everyday living to survive, thus true happiness is found on the roads that are not yet taken.

Through Skyscanner’s cheap flights the road to Bagan, Myanmar Adventure is about to come true. I am positive and excited that this is the perfect time to let my voice shine in the world the universe rather.




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