CALAYAN ISLAND TRAVEL GUIDE: Your next island destination

Calayan Island is part of the Babuyan Group of Island located in the province of Cagayan. To get there, you have to have the guts and strong mind to fight with the waves.

The boatman prepares to depart from Appari Toran port.


From Appari Toran port, we traveled six (6) rockiest hours to reach the island. It was far from what we have imagined. The boat we rode is called Lampitaw, it carried more than 50 passengers and parcels.

I am walking in my office space today.

It was a long and winding journey. They say, find a job that allows you to travel. To travel anywhere and to be assigned everywhere is fulfilling and a motivation that keeps me going to the 9-5 grind.

For sun worshipers and waves spectators, it is a must experience to enjoy the journey while you traverse the ocean. Staying in front of the boat, at the right side and at the back of it is a must try experience if you want to feel the waters before arriving to Calayan.

Just make sure to wear a life vest.

Basking in the sun is my daily thing

The travel time is endless. Hopeless for me is an understatement, I have been wanting to see where the land is. Like yes, literally the journey going there is no joke. Nerve wrecking, mind blowing and whatever insane description that you might think of when riding a boat going to a destination like no other.

This is a journey like no other.

Calayan Island is a place where you will appreciate as its finest. Unspoiled, underdeveloped, and underrated are few words to describe this huge island.

This island has its own direction.

Constructions of major facilities like the roads, the airport and buildings are in its ways to accommodate more tourist and guests. I believe that the island should remain naive as it is. It is believed that virgin islands like this can always thrive. They can always thrive.

I am writing this in front of the beach, I had the luxury of time to do this because we were stranded here for two (2) days. Yes it will always happen. You should anticipate this kind of situation as coast guard officials will cancel scheduled trips because of bad weather.

When I say bad weather, it didn’t necessarily about typhoons. It maybe, strong winds and waves. Wasn’t amazing?

For my fellows it was not. For me it was favorable. I should not have used the term stranded because it was not the proper word to be used.

Blessed was the term. Hey come on. Who would not want to experience more of this island? Yes?

It was an official travel, so it was a working travel experience. Limited time constrained us to see more of this island so the two (2) additional days were blessings to see and experience more of all of Calayan.

I jumped in to the news that we will be extending our stay to our beautiful cottages facing the beach and a few steps away from the ocean.

This was how we spent our stays in the island.


Sibang Cove

Arrive here early in the morning to bask in the sun. Walk to the long stretch of the white sand beach.


Trust me. It was one of the most underrated part of the island.



 Calayan Lighthouse

I personally like watching the sun to set. So to watch the golden hour is a must do!

IMG_4725 (30).jpg
Everyday in my six day stay in this island I always see to it that I will watch the sun to set. It amazed me. (Apolo resort)


At the port.
IMG_4628 (26).jpg
In front of the Calayan Lighthouse
Calayan Lighthouse


 Nagudungan Hills

When you go here in the afternoon you have to brave the strong winds.



IMG_4581 (23).jpg


Prior to our arrival, I had no idea that we will be staying in a resort in the island. What I knew was it is the town mayor who’ll be hosting us on the duration of our stay.

Beach front? Yes!

Wake up in the sounds of the waves. Drop your alarm clock.
Beautifully constructed nipa hut for visitors like me. Kudos to the owner because it sustains a responsible tourism.


Sample Itinerary and Budget

*All expenses were paid by the office since this is an official travel. Other personal expenses include pasalubong, other tours, etc…

Calayan Island Exploration

Day 1: 01 May 2018

06:00 Appari to Calayan .
13:00 Check in at Apolo Resort
14:00 Lunch
19:00 Dinner
19:30 Siesta
11:59 Stargazing
01:00 Sleep

Day 2 and 3: 02-03 May 2018

05:00 Wake up. Sunrise watching
06:00 Breakfast
08:00 Registration. School Garden training in Calayan gym
08:00 Training proper
12:00 Lunch Break
13:00 Training proper
17:00 Sunset by the wharf
18:00 Walked back to Apollo Resort
19:00 Dinner
19:30 Stargazing


Day 4: 04 May 2018

06:00 Wake up
07:00 Breakfast
09:00 Garlic Farm visit
10:00 Travel to Sibang Cove. Beach bumming
16:00 Trip cancelled for tomorrow
19:00 Dinner

Day 5: 05 May 2018

05:00 Wake up
07:00 Breakfast
08:00 Read book and sleep
12:00 Swim at the man made pool and eat lucnh
17:00 Travel to Lighthouse 4
19:00 Dinner

Day 6: 06 May 2018

07:00 Travel back to the mainland

15:00 Arrived in Tuguegarao City


Habal-habal 400 per person






Golden hour to watch the sun goes down to the cove.


My daily thing


Did snorkeling!!!





The dream team!! Thank you Mayor Al Llopis and the Department of Agriculture headed by Ate Carol


  • Bring sunblock
  • Mosquito repellants
  • Buy Smart sim card. Globe signal in the island is not available
  • Bring your own food. Sea foods are abundant in this island that is not a problem. But during summer season where drought occur the island is having a scarcity on food supply due to lack of produce.
  • Withdraw some cash in the mainland. There is a Rural bank that I saw in poblacion area but I think there it was not operational 24/7
  • Medicines. Travel health kit should be in your travel essentials
  • Dry bag. More on island hopping activities so make sure to ensure your things when traversing Calayan waters.
  • Camera and power bank. Make sure to document everything from arrival to departure. It is a dreamland for me so to snap a photo or video is needed.
  • Check the weather forecast. Possibilities of getting stranded in the island is big even the sun is out.
  • Book and contact your boat in advance.
  • Bring garbage bag to protect your luggage.
  • Enjoy the dangerous waves!
  • To take you to tourist destinations, either lampitaw or habal-habal. Rates vary. Please contact tour guides below.


Tour guide/Habal-habal  09305034800 (Jomar)

Apolo Resort 09472218744 (Jay ar)


Bucket list achieved and unlocked.



















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