In today’s blog, I will teach you how to travel NEXT TO NOTHING.

GETGO is the Cebu Pacific Air’s Loyalty Program that allowed me to go farther and #FLYFORFREE faster in destinations that I have never imagined.

This is a beginner’s guide which offers insider and handful tips that will help you maximize every flight and spending for you to travel quickly.

Let’s get started.

Step one: Enroll to

It is easy and free. 

First things first, you should sign up for a GetGo account. Follow all instructions and you are ready to claim your next free flights.

Step two: Book a flight to an unknown destination

It is your choice whether where to go next. By simply booking a flight through Cebu Pacific App, you can earn one (1) point for every five (5) pesos spent. Take note that points are based on base fares and add-ons only.

If you are a budget traveler who relies on Piso sale you will still be qualified to earn points. But, take note, that the more you spend on flights the more points you get.

Step three: Choose the right credit and debit cards

Union Bank GetGo’s credit card sign up bonus of 8,000 getgo points after spending 20,000 pesos is the easiest and fastest way to jump-start your next free flight tickets.

I applied for a debit card in the same bank and now I am taking advantage of the perks and points that I am about to get.

Step four: Make sure you maximize your purchases

Take, for example, Lazada as a partner of Getgo is my personal favorite in terms of earning points.

I do not buy a lot of things online but my friends do.

What I do is to let them use my GetGo account for me to earn points on their spending.

Some partners also provide huge savings on hotel accommodations, dining experiences, activities, and shopping.

Step five: Stay up to date with the latest promotion and click see first on their official FB PAGE

Did you know that GetGo can go as low as ten (10) points per way for an international trip?

Yes, it is! In March of 2017, I booked eight (8) adults in my circle using ten (10) points per way to Kuala Lumpur.

The total cost for our round trip tickets was just for only 1,750 pesos.

Watch out for their promotions every day.

Step six: Earn on a circle, share through a circle

This feature of this loyalty program allowed me to share and earn a through a circle. It is easy and rewarding.

Your family and friends can maximize this as long as they have a GetGo account.

Step seven: Learn how to Redeem points

Fly for Free faster by learning the techniques from this blog as U have earlier mentioned all necessary tips on what to know and comes first.

It is always rewarding to book ten (10) points plus 800 pesos on a one-way ticket to Singapore.

Isn’t it AWESOME?

As you have learned all the tricks on redeeming an award ticket, bear in mind that points can get you a long way.

How? Aside from the cheapest award ticket, you can also get as much as 50 %- 60 % off on points every time they are a sale on points.

Note: You can use your GetGo Credit and Debit Card

Step eight: Learn to set a goal and book it

It is always true that flying should also be rewarding. Focused on how will you book your next dream destination.

Sure, your job fuels you every day because you get a paycheck once the job is done. But, come to think of this, you look forward to an incoming flight or an adventure that will happen in a month or so.

When there is an upcoming flight on my calendar I am excited to go to work every day because I know for a fact that I will escape the daily grind.

Bonus tips:

The reason why I am a loyal member it is because of their excellent customer service.

Members can get points when they book through a third-party reservation like Traveloka.

If you forgot to key in your GetGo Loyalty Member number upon booking, fret no more, because you can get the points during check-in at their kiosk.

The technique that I have been doing is to send them an email, instead of calling them on the phone that can waste as much time as you would have imagined waiting in a long queue of callers.

I had a total of four (4) flights which costs me P 2,200 for two (2) roundtrip tickets to Malaysia and Tuguegarao.

Your next free flights are here. Up to this date, GetGo is still the best and most generous airline loyalty program in the Philippines.

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