My story at Nobu Hotel Manila || Hotel Review

As part of the integrated resort in the City of Dreams Manila, Nobu Hotel is one of the three luxury and flashy accommodation in the area.

An international brand that owes to be recognized.

On Friday, October 26, as I was approaching this hotel after an hour flight from Tuguegarao to Clark by Philippines Airlines I already imagined myself while I am stuck at the chaos and noisy Manila spending the next couple of nights and mornings seeing things to happen. Clear and bright skies welcomed me.


Also, the famous ‘Work, Dream, Play’ of City of Dreams always amazes every visitor that comes in and seeks entertainment, shopping, food, leisure, and the modern-day design accommodations.


Nothing is more than fascinating when the front desk of Nobu Hotel smiled at me as I entered the lobby and asked my name and valid identification. I knew that time I was checking in.

When the front desk gave my key card, I knew that my room will definitely have a bang. It was true. Since it was my second time to stay here at this property where its modern amenities and contemporary Japanese designs readied before I finally checked in.


I am always on the hand to ask for anything before I check-in. I make sure to get all the simplest details and room information before finally arriving at the property. I have to make sure to get my preferred room, specific hotel view, hotel amenities, restaurant recommendations around the area all just by sending an email to their concierge and to the manager itself. And also, did I forget to mention that you can take advantage of your hotel membership too?

I am The Points Guy Philippines by the way. 

This time, I was not in charge of everything. The Blogapalooza team did it for me. In like manner, my expectations exceeded.

I got the room I preferred, the two (2) deluxe double bed that can fit four (4) people with an airport view. As I was approaching my door in room 9518 when that invigorating smoothness and the inborn perfume I must say never failed to give me chills. It reminded me the last time I stayed here.


The comfort room is my best resting place. Its every corner was magnificent that I can arguably say that it was one of the best parts of my space. Japanese inspired designs are everywhere. It maintained an international brand as its minimalist design that took my experience on the next level.

I rested the whole night.

The next morning, it’s time to meet the renowned Nobu restaurant.


It was home for me and I declared it as my ultimate obsession. Who doesn’t want to be pampered by a renowned Chef Nobu in its hotel and restaurant brand? It was not a complete experience if you will not indulge yourself in an all continental breakfast or should you wish to immerse yourself in a delightful Japanese cuisine you can always order here.

Not only that you feel a Japanese food crawl but the world-renowned culinary genius Chef Nobu will satisfy your food cravings and experience at the same time.

The sumptuous meal that started the morning and can get me through the day. 

They served a black coffee and offered us to try their welcome shot. Nice try!


Fresh fruits, sausages, and kinds of bacon, egg white omelet, and pancakes, varieties of fresh juices, salads, are pieces of bread just so many to mention.


Now it’s time to experience their pool area. All corners of the property are instagrammable. From the pool area and the breathtaking golden towers which is an exemplary background plus if you are lucky you can catch the aeroplane while it’s traversing to its destination.

Janford of Bloggers of Tuguegarao #BOT

What can I do inside the integrated resort and casino? You asked. Well, location wise this hotel offers a variety of things to do, experience and more. Since it is inside the City of Dreams, where dreams do come true.


You can indulge to a food crawl in the garage, a food park themed like a food truck but with an instagrammable feels and chills (street arts are everywhere inside the park).

Whether you are an audience or the party peep that I know, you definitely can choose from a wild experience in Chaos Manila and Pangea or watch the Live Bands inside the Casino. I promise you its the ultimate nightlife experience. 


Are you a fan of gaming and leisure? Because if it is a yes, you definitely have space here in their casino.

If you are a younger-looking guy like me, I highly recommend you to bring your Identification card as they have not allowed me to enter the casino from my hotel room because of my age as the lady guard predicted that I was 19. I showed them my ID. I was prepared because it happens all the time. I can not blame them though.

Are you also the person who shops till you drop? Worry no more, because shopper’s paradise is here. It is well situated just inside the City of Dreams. A comfort that tourists look for.

The proximity of the hotel to major attractions and services are just a ride away. It brings you a higher level of comfort that other hotels in the metro could not offer.

Do you want to arrive and depart from and to the international airport from here real quick?

Look no more. Because at this hotel the airport is situated just a few kilometres away. Did I not mention that during the day on my stay I was watching aeroplanes to take off and landing in my hotel room. The free ‘lightning’ wi-fi, fitness centre, bar, in-room meal service, free shuttle service from and to Mall of Asia, and the outstanding world-class customer service are some of the hotel’s unique services.

It may seem so overwhelming but that was my experience during my three (3) day full stays. A brand that carries international standard and identity that no other hotel in my experience can ever substitute. #

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