On today’s hotel review let’s go back to the basic and see what Microtel by Wyndham Mall of Asia can offer during my experience with them.
On November 18, 2018, I booked a two (2) queen bed at this property to catch up an early flight on the next day going to Davao City for an office related training.
Prior to my arrival, I again used my travel hacking skills to see what they can offer for now.
Since I am a Wyndham Rewards member and holds a platinum membership status (as of the moment according to FD Phoelix of their property and I am still verifying it with Wyndham Rewards) I booked a stay using 3,000 Wyndham rewards points plus some cash of 2,860 pesos after tax.


A lot of you may ask, why not?

Microtel by Wyndham Mall of Asia is strategically located, and so far I know the best location to stay for a night or more, because it is a 15 minute drive away to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and conveniently situated near the biggest Mall in the Philippines, walking distance to the SMX convention center, a church, and restaurants.
IMG_4124 (6).JPG
This was the third time I stayed here but this one is my first ever hotel review on this blog.

I consider three (3) things when staying in a hotel. First, should I pay more to get more? Of course, not, value means when you get the service above what is expected. This brand by Wyndham is acquainted with an international standard. Not only it offers the best of the best experience, but also it allows you to enjoy the perks even if you pay less. Second, is EXPERIENCE expensive? Again, no! This installation of the Microtel in MOA, the tallest Microtel in the world, is a true gift because at the hotel’s rooftop you can watch fireworks display, concerts, magical sunrise, golden hour, planes taking off and the view of Manila Bay that exhilarates every hotel guest.

IMG_4121 (5).JPG
Third, customer service at its finest? Yes, since the property is part of a luxury brand so people are trained to be themselves and they treat us customers to an experience of a lifetime.
I hope I have answered your question guys.
(As I am writing this at their rooftop I see planes taking off. OH, I can not wait again for my next flight! ✈️🤫)
After the completion of my booking in the Wyndham rewards app (download and register to Wyndham Rewards — IT’S FREE) I immediately sent an email to their official email. I used the same hack that I have been using when I am staying at any hotel in the world — it always works! Thanks to my hacking skills. 
Here is a simple guide to upgrading your next hotel stay after booking:
  1. Check if you are a member of their hotel loyalty program.
  2. What is your membership status to that program?
  3. If you have these two (2), this is the time you email the hotel.
I am attaching a screenshot on how I did it. It always works for me and I am loving it.
What they said:


I always ask them if they can do this and that. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Just try and ask.
I have to catch an early flight on 11/19/18 that was why I have to be as close as possible to the airport and my friends are accompanying me to this staycation as well. It took me 15 minutes to arrive at the NAIA Terminal 2.
I know, this location is a minimalist hotel but the luxurious room that I have plus a bay view was breathtaking. I will open the curtains and see the Manila Bay’s amazing view for the day.
Microtel by Wyndham Mall of Asia is clean, comfortable and cheap. It was all I needed.
Luxury, comfort and 100 percent worldwide customer service!
I was thrilled when Pia Pinzon, resident manager of Microtel by Wyndham Mall of Asia personally took care of me upon check-in and assisted me with my luggage.
I was a bit shocked when I learned that she holds a position that was more than I expected.
So upon check-in, she told me that we could meet that night to talk about my membership and other things about their hotel.
Then at 10 pm, she welcomed me with a Pannacotta which was my favorite now.
In my history as a guest to any hotel in the world, I talked to many hotel staff as
possible but this time it was the manager whom I was sharing my precious time.
It was unimaginable because of course a resident manager who looked for a schedule just to meet me. I felt I was so important and valued at the same time.
It was a paradoxical experience talking to a person who has been in the hospitality industry for ten (10) years.
Ms. Pinzon further discussed the history of the property highlighting it as the tallest Microtel By Wyndham in the world. She said that when I go back in January I could meet her to personally see the renovation on the 12th floor of the building which I can exclusively see and visit.
I jokingly said told her that I can be an employee of this property because of my know how’s with the program.
I never imagined that this hotel stay would leave me life lessons that imparted to me during our two (2) hour meeting.
I am excited to share with you guys that I am aiming to own a hotel in the future. It will happen!
If you do not want to go out, fret no more! At this location, you can do plenty of activities which include the following:
  • Dip into the pool located at their rooftop that allows you to watch planes to take off and the sun to set. All in one!
  • Watch fireworks (selected dates) and enjoy the view of Manila Bay.
  • Lay into their comfortable bed that is part of their marketing strategy (confirm this info)
  • You can view 360 degrees of the complex.
  • Eat your heart out at their all buffet breakfast before checking out.
  • Oh and coffee!


What I honestly didn’t like about the property was the internet connectivity. Though I reported it to the manager it seemed that maybe the connection of the provider as always is nothing compared to any other Asian city that I have been.
Whether business, leisure or a pit stop I recommend you to stay at this location. It serves the best of all of the hotels inside MOA.
Kudos for helping the environment to thrive by providing refillable bottles for our water located nearby the elevators. And also, the packaging of your toiletries improved as it lessens the impact of producing more waste.
It is a good thing to have this business in a two way sustainable and exemplary!

I would stay at this property again whenever I will be back in the metro.

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