HOTEL REVIEW || Subic Park Hotel: My Home in Subic Bay

There is a hotel in Subic Bay that will let you feel the warmth of Christmas and home. When I entered the lobby of this property facing the famous Subic Bay on a late Friday night of November 30, 2018, I was sure that this was home.


I found a home away from home in all of Olangapo City. The grueling 16 hours travel time from Tuguegarao City to Subic made me realize that life on the road was not easy. It was all worth it.

I followed my way to an all authentic Filipino hospitality where I can enjoy both worlds- comfort and style!


I have been to top-notch hotels in Southeast Asia, to mention I wandered to East of Bali’s natural wonders while enjoying a stay at the Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Resort Bali, had a wonderful stay in a minimalist accommodation in an integrated resort in City of Dreams the Nobu Hotel Manila, and with the exhilarating city and bay view in Manila the Microtel by Wyndham Mall of Asia but then I found out that Subic Park Hotel will be having me as one of their guest I definitely grabbed it and I had to LET MYSELF GO.

Upon arrival, I directly went to the check-in area where the smiling front desk welcomed me to this luxurious brand in all of Subic.

The grand entrance seemed way beautiful in real life, and according to an insider, this property has been designed by the owner herself and looked to the smallest details as possible. Attention to details folks.


Nothing is more beautiful when experience and homey feel combined in one location.

We were booked in a Twin standard room overlooking the ‘Gapo Mountains.


Imagine this, you wake up in the beautiful sunrise in the city while the beach vibe awaits you in the restaurant where you can all taste and enjoy their all authentic Filipino cuisine.


Follow your heart as you can swim in their outdoor pool overlooking the bay and palms.


I arrived in a different city that feels like home and with a touch of its people. I know, it is maybe hard to distinguish if you are in a hotel or a place where you can enjoy both worlds.

DSC04567 (1).jpg

Nothing is more liberating and at the same time exciting when you experience a culture formed in a home filled with love and affection, right?

I am always honest with all my hotel reviews and this time no amount of positive words that will tell how my experience summed up at this property.

The room is quite big, and upon entering you can easily determine that you arrived in your grandma’s family house. Not only the owner has a keen eye to details but she always let us feel the warmth of Christmas. Every hallway and vacant spaces have these grandiose designs.

Your choice of breakfast depends on your taste bud that morning, for me I grabbed my personal favorite garlic rice with tocino and choice of whether scrambled or boiled egg plus the never unending black brewed coffee. It is true, at this location food is everyone’s obsession.


Since I was home, I never bothered to stay at my hotel room for those days and spent browsing using their ‘fast-lightning’ internet connection. I envied their connection when I was in my city. I wish we could have that, too!!

A sense of deep connection has been formed between me and the alluring home in the bay.

Welcome to Subic Park Hotel the home in the beautiful Subic Bay. There is always a place in my heart when a hotel is more than just an accomodation when I feel it is home I make sure to let the world know how I feel about it.





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