I am the Points Guy Philippines.
In today’s blog, I will talk about handling hotel room upgrades and getting more without paying anything.
In every leisure or business travel that we have, we always look at the bed to stay on the night. Right?
Nothing is more exciting than spending the night to an unknown destination feeling comfortable all time. At the end Value and Service are teamed up all the time.
I learned travel hacking since I started traveling in 2014, but that doesn’t seem so easy. I have failed at some point but I kept on trying.
There were days that I got rejected on an email I sent to the hotel manager in a luxury hotel that I prefer. That did not happen once. But at the succeeding emails, I won!
Today, I decided to talk and write about my hotel upgrade experiences in this article.
Let’s get started:

1. Sign up for Hotel Loyalty programs

  • When you talk about travel it should also about memberships and loyalty games. First things first, sign up to a various hotel loyalty program that can help you get along the way. It’s FREE.
Want to know what brand I have been using and patronizing?
It’s the Wyndham Rewards Loyalty Program. It is the most generous hotel loyalty program in the world.
Quick background. I have been a member of this since 2014. I enjoy the perks everytime I stay on the property of my choice. I’ll talk about perks in the article as I continue.


  • This is the easiest for you to earn loyalty. If you stay consistent in a brand that you love the hotel company will never leave you hanging. They will reach out to you from check in until check out. This is also a way for you to earn hotel points that you can use on your future stays across their properties worldwide.

3. EMAIL the hotel

  • Once you have a confirmed booking already now is the time to upgrade your stay. I booked a room at the Wyndham Jivva Tamansari Bali last July this year. Before sending an email I made sure to confirm first my hotel room if it is found in their system. You do not want to look for your reservations when you arrive there, right? Since it is in Bali, I learned that it was one of the leading hotels in the area by Wyndham. I have sent them the email asking for confirmation and the hotel manager’s email. The reservations department replied smoothly on all of the information that I asked.

4. State the purpose of your trip

Now, the hotel is confirmed and you have the email of the manager it is time to ask for the upgrade.

Let them know the purpose of your vacation whether it falls under the categories of business, leisure, and special occasions (i.e. birthdays, anniversaries or any events that you feel special to celebrate).


5. Give them the most important information

After booking your stay you have to let them know this information that they will need to arrange your stay with them:
  • confirmation number,
  • date of travels, and original room type
  • group, couple or single traveler/s
  • Membership number and elite status
  • preferred room type, specific hotel floor, view and amenities you need to add on
  • shuttle service (if you need one)
  • welcome drink and welcome letter



6. Write with a personal touch

My goal is to make sure that my email will be granted at the end of the day.
  • I mentioned earlier that you should ask for the hotel’s manager email so to accommodate you as fast and as timely as they could. All personal requests and with regards to this upgrade, a hotel manager is the best person to contact in all cases. I always guarantee that they give feedback real time. I will attach the sample letter that I did when we went on a trip to Bali, Indonesia and Microtel By Wyndham in Mall of Asia.

7. Stay more

I discussed earlier that it is an advantage to sign up for loyalty programs. It is important because from here you will start from a regular member to the highest level of membership. You need to spend and stay more. This time, staying more in properties that I recommended will help you get the chance to get an upgrade.
Hotel brands identify your needs by stating it on an email you send to them. Sometimes they may reject or accept it but all the time they will let you know if they can accommodate your request or not.
I have been to multiple locations in South East Asia using the same brand- my most favorite brand is the Wyndham Hotel Group.
In my years of experience, Wyndham Hotel Group provided me the best and most unforgettable hotel experiences in my journey as The Points Guy Philippines.
Did I get both exemplary value and outstanding service all the time with this chain?
YES. I believe that this hotel chain loved and took care of me all these years.
I write an email with a personal touch. You are visiting this foreign land and you should maximize and seize every moment.

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