Guide to your next Franco’s by Manio’s Pampaguena experience

Once I entered Franco’s by Manios Pampaguenas on a Friday night it meant that I survived a week of working the grind from 9-5 pm, and I knew that a festive culinary scene will happen.

The minimalist designed of the restaurant made it easy for me to adapt in an environment where I can truly express my joy in eating.
Upon entering the site, joyful employees greeted me with a smile and I felt that I arrived in a space where food is the city’s obsession.
Franco’s by Manios is a local restaurant brand in the city that both honor culture and tradition in their cuisine.
Once filled with a sumptuous menu, customers can enjoy a fusion of both local and international cuisine.
“We thought of something different and founded a more upscale dining experience to be introduced in the city”, owner Rea Manio Driz said in a chat with the Cagayan Valley Bloggers Society.
Franco’s crispy pata was cooked slow for 12 hours and air dried for eight (8) hours to ensure the crispiness and it can melt to your mouth while you eat. It is not a secret that should be hidden because the authenticity and the story of the food they serve stand out more than anything else.
This is one of the recipes that you should try. A pair of popsicle stick can actually slice the crispy pata because of the juiciness and unimaginable tenderness of this ala carte.
Aside from twelve different pasta recipe, this Tuyo and dulang pasta is bliss to explore. The dilis, baby tomatoes, and tuyo felt like home for me. I am a pasta lover so you can not get me away with anything as long as it has pasta on it. It is my comfort food. My future tells I am gonna go to Italy to eat — authentic pasta! My airline miles will take me there soon so watch out for that!
I followed the smoke of the USDA prime ribeye (medium rare) and savored the flavor of this dish. The meal was composed of mashed potato, mixed veggies, tomato concoction and plus the gravy.
The infusion of the meals was greatly combined with both the local and international scene.
The fact that most of the raw materials are outsourced from our local farmers in the region makes me excited because they give the local farmers an opportunity to introduce their products in the culinary scene.
Aside from this menu from the ala carte we also enjoyed a buffet dinner that is available every day from Mondays to Sundays.
In this city, many restaurants offer buffet and ala carte at the same time, but the time I ate my heart out at Franco’s I knew this one stood from the rest of them.
The price was reasonable and you will get what you paid for. The value for money for me is exactly what I always look for. Plus, the staffs portrayed great customer service in everything that we asked for. Not only they went an extra mile to every one of us, but also they have done a great job.
Overall I recommend this local restaurant brand that sets a standard in the hottest city in the archipelago. 
Until next time. Follow my journey as I discover unimaginable local cuisine.

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