HOTEL REVIEW: Ramada Bangkok Menam Riverside

I remember my first international trip. It brought back memories of getting lost in Bangkok.
A few months before our trip, Je and I thought of spending a night in Ramada Bangkok Menam Riverside using my Wyndham Rewards points in redeeming a Go Fast reservation.
On October 12, 2016, I know this article has been long overdue but I can not just out throw this hotel review, and leave it by just prints and memories. It deserves a post on my blog.
After a long journey from Siem Reap to Bangkok, this location felt home for me when I stepped into the renowned Ramada property in the Menam Riverside.
It did not disappoint my tired soul longing for bed rest for the night. Backpacker like me knows the value of total rest.
I know you can relate to this when I say that should you need a good comfortable bed you have to look deals online at least one night during your backpacking journey through the unknown destination.
The night was long, all we needed was to sleep and be greeted by the beautiful sunrise the next morning in our king size bed overlooking the river.
Scanning my old notes, I looked at the price of this hotel has cost me 1,450 pesos after tax plus 3,000 Wyndham rewards points. That was a steal back then!
Now, I am planning to go back anytime and according to my Award Redemption, it costs 4,800 pesos plus 3,000 Wyndham rewards points.
The price difference makes me thinks of staying at this property or should I investigate why the price increased so fast?
As a member, I phoned the property if Go fast reservation entitled me to a free breakfast but they said it was not included so we just wandered around the area to look for an all original Pad Thai on the street. So cool, Pad Thai was everywhere. I almost forgot I was in Bangkok.
What I enjoyed during my stay was the outdoor pool, the comfortable beds, big bathtub, and the view of the Menam River.
There was also a free boat ride from the hotel to the nearest Bangkok train station.
To sum up, my experience here, using my rewards points the stay was pleasant, comfortable and it exceeded well on my expectations. If I were back to Bangkok soon, I will book a hotel stay here and enjoy the hotel room for a night or two. That is why I am here?
It championed hospitality at the same value for money. It is situated and strategically located in the Menam Riverside which is accessible via a boat ride or a Tuktuk.
I personally recommend this property for travelers who wish to try Ramada as an amazing brand of Wyndham worldwide. #

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