Discover the world of Food and rich history of Pampanga

By: Janford Bonifacio and Marky Gallibu

Who would have thought that Pampanga’s smoke of its culinary scene will bring back memories of the past and bring flavors of the present?

As someone who is closely working with the farmers who produce food for the nation, someone should know or at least has a knowledge where your food is coming from.

It’s more than an obligation to know the story of every food that I eat before savoring the taste of top-notch institutions that serve only the best.

We were on assignment to look back on the gastronomic scene of some of most underrated food houses, but offer cuisines like no other in this part of Luzon.

Let’s start the gastronomic historic adventure in Philippine’s culinary capital.

Emerging as the country’s mega player in the business sector, Clark Development Corporation (CDC) is foreseen to be “transformed by 2020 into a modern industrial estate and premier service and logistics hub, with facilities for training, conferences, tourism and leisure in the Philippines.”

But, despite blossoming and rising from ashes, this part of Pampanga still nourishes its Capampangan roots and tradition.


You’ll be forgiven if you think you arrived in the wrong city. You might wonder how the destructions are and how lives have changed after the deadly Mt. Pinatubo interruption.

To answer that, we went to the Clark museum and experienced a 4D documentary in their theater.


Entitled Risen from the Ashes, this 48 seater reminisces the sad event that occurred in 1991 where billions of agricultural produce, infrastructures, and lives were greatly affected in the time of interruption. It was here when we truly experienced an event of the past that reminds us that whatever disasters may have occurred a stunning present is just a glimpse away.

Bloggers of Tuguegarao team

We wondered how the past and present emerged. So, we found ourselves walking down the aisles of the Clark Museum. The rich geographic location of Central Luzon will make you realize that it is here the historic counterparts can be viewed minutes after you have arrived. From there you’ll start to have glimpsed on what it was like before the interruption.


Pampanga is known for its culinary adventure. For a delightful lunch experience, we headed on to Apag Marangle restaurant in Bacolor town.

Sought on her comments when how she thrived in the business, the owner said that being unique by offering dishes that are truly Kampampangan is a way of introducing the local cuisine in the world market.

I have been to restaurants in my region that offer a true farm to table experience. I was happy to explore this huge restaurant in this part of town that honors more of its tradition.

I recommend this as part of your journey when you head on to this side of town. For me, food is already guaranteed yummy, but you know what I am looking for a business like this is when it impacts a community, people and my personal experience.

It truly was, as part of an interview with the owner. 


“In my 11 years of business operations, I have seen the urge to ask my employees the impact I have imbibed to them,” she said.

“So far, some of them had helped their family to better their lives,” she added.
The restaurant has a visible plantation of the ingredients that they use on their menus. Some are naturally grown and you know it’s fresh when it is hand-picked right in front of your eyes. See how amazing that is.


It’s the vibrant culture that makes me wonder: where did the years go? Over the past years, Pamintuan Mansion became as one of heritage more than anything else.
It is here where museum lovers unite in a place that a piece of history became an opportunity to be told. If these ceilings and walls could talk what are the possible things they’ll say? We wandered to these places and have known their stories.
Our local historian preserves the story for us to know the being of it. The simplest details of the facade until you turn your way to the exit will let you feel the warmth of rich history.


Walk down the aisle and head on to the Angeles church (fact-check the name of the church) and admire the beauty of the past that has curved the present.




Susie’s Cuisine is a must try in Angeles City. It touches a story of preserving unique Kapampangan dish into a present obsession of today. Dine your heart out to this meryenda and pasalubong center which is strategically located in the heart of downtown area. Follow the smoke of either pansit palabok, bihon guisado and many choices that you can choose from.

What about the satisfying desserts, you ask!

Worry not there is plenty of it that is very unimaginable for your sweet tooth. Our personal favorite is the dream cake!


Our journey might end up soon, but we can’t wait to see if Dainty’s cuisine is a must try. I wanted to tell you that I was not expecting something fabulous in this restaurant. Yes, I love Chinese cuisine in fact when I travel overseas I make sure to visit Chinatowns to explore their best siopao or noodle recipe mixed with veggies.

What I loved was their snow ice cream! It was indeed a must try when you dine here.

Angeles Fried Chicken

Tell me if you love chicken. Because if you did, there is a thriving restaurant here in Angeles that serves a little more of an extraordinary recipe. Fried, buttered or whatever the recipe is, Angeles Fried chicken offers an authentic yet minimalist design that other competitors might hard to copy. Of course, if you ask them what are the secrets of their recipes they might not tell you their secret ingredients. What they will tell are the untold stories on how their restaurant has been getting a flock of chicken lovers. Forget the mainstream companies that cook chicken in conventional ways. This is a nice way of saying, “Hey let’s go to AFC where chicken lovers unite and consider it is a life-long commitment.”


I didn’t travel for 15 hours to expect nothing. It was indeed an experience of both worlds.

Revisiting a rich history of the past celebrating and discovering the food that I may claim as our obsession.

I have given you ideas on how to enjoy Clark and surrounding areas in 24 hours or below.

Without a doubt, it is the nation’s culinary cuisine!

Bloggers of Tuguegarao (BoT) team members Janford and Marky will fly across the networks of Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific Air.

Janford will explore San Vicente, Palawan, as he will be on assignment to walk to the long coast of white sand beach overlooking the waters of the last frontier of the Philippines in premium economy, brought to us by the country’s premier #Fly4star Philippine Airlines

While Marky will be on assignment to appreciate Iloilo’s rich past and stunning present. His assignments include the appreciation of local cuisine and visits to underrated destinations in between via Cebu Pacific Air that #MakeMomentsHappen

Follow their separate journeys as they will cover the Philippines’ finest destination of today!

They will tell you the story as it happens so make sure you are following us here ☝🏻

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